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مفهوم جديد للطعام والمطابخ العالمية

أصناف طعام مخلتفة تجدونها فقط في إكسبو 2020 دبي.

Eat @ Expo

Never Been Seen Collection

Internationally acclaimed restaurants and chefs making their UAE debut.

Eat @ Expo

Thematic District Restaurants

Restaurant concepts curated for Expo pavilions and subthemes.

Eat @ Expo

Local Gems

Showcasing the UAE’s favourite local hidden gems.

Eat @ Expo

Regional Dining

A selection of the region's favourite restaurants.

Eat @ Expo

International Dining

Restaurants and nightlife serving delicious international cuisine.


The Future of Food

One of the biggest questions being asked at Expo 2020 is about the future of food. As we live through a climate crisis that gets worse by the day, how can food innovations help make the way we eat and what we eat sustainable for generations to come? Part of that answer might come from the story of the banana.