Interactive guided tours, reimagined for the digital world, controlled by you!

Experience Live@Expo and join a massive interactive tour that’s part TV show, part game, part social. This is a global journey through Expo 2020 and you co-create the story by controlling the guide! This more than just a tour. You and other viewers collectively work together to complete a six-month goal and create the future, unlocking badges and contributing to real-world causes of your choice. Tune in, take part, have fun. You're in control!

Virtual Expo: Creating Accessibility and Legacy

Whether you are a gamer, looking for content or just curious to explore the Expo site, Virtual Expo has got you covered. The Virtual Expo experience has become the core of our connectedness and how accessibility came to have a whole other meaning.

Beyond Sound and Vision

Virtual Expo isn’t the first time a World Expo revolutionised how it was experienced by audiences. The first visual broadcast of a news event in history took place at the New York’s World’s Fair in 1939.