Students can learn about Expo's pavilions through interactivity!

Go on an in-depth tour of Expo's theme pavilions, led by animated robot mascots! Explore the Mobility Pavilion with Alif, the guardian of Mobility who steers everyone in the right direction. Take a trip back in time, meet explorers and adventurers and jump into the future with a look at AI and even space exploration! The Opportunity Pavilion is presented by Opti, our robot adventurer. Meet changemakers working on Energy, Food and Water, understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and learn how everyone can drive the world towards a better future! The Sustainability Pavilion is presented by Terra, the cheery guardian of Sustainability. Terra asks whether you would like to go under the forest or the ocean? No matter which you choose, you will see the wonder of nature, the impact of humans, and hope for the future.

Interactive Tour

Mobility Student Tour with Alif

Who better to guide young viewers through the Mobility Pavilion story than Alif, the guardian of Mobility? Learn about the past, present and future of mobility. Interactive sessions make the tour even more fun!

Interactive Tour

Opportunity Student Tour with Opti

Opti, our time-traveling robot guardian takes explorers through the Opportunity Pavilion. Meet changemakers around the world innovating around in food, energy and water, learn about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and take a walk in the clouds!

Interactive Tour

Sustainability Student Tour with Terra

No one knows the Sustainability Pavilion the way Terra does. She takes young adventurers on a voyage under the forest or under the ocean. Learn about the beauty of nature, humanity's impact on our environment and finally, hope for the future.