Immersive Experiences in 360°

A series of immersive 360° videos of Al Wasl's projection shows that put you centre stage for each stunning performance.

Watch in 360°


Gaze upward as Al Wasl Plaza's canvas transforms into a giant observatory then releases you on an epic adventure through the cosmic heavens above.

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Nature: Earth

Awaken to the world around you. Behold the rhythms of Kingdom Earth, and the pulsating force that emanates through all life.

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Nature: Water

See how we are all connected, from a drop of water to the beating of a butterfly’s wing. Watch as the vibrant beauty of nature unfolds.

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UAE Expressions: Home

Celebrate women and craftsmanship in the Emirati community through a series of stunning visuals.

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UAE Expressions: Land

A journey from the desert to the oasis that highlights people’s connection to their land, as well as how their lifestyles reflect the landscapes around them.

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UAE Expressions: Sea

A theme of water is used to convey the UAE's humble beginnings, as well as the story of our ancestors at sea.

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Ousha and the Moon

Enter 12-year-old Ousha's mesmerising dreamscape, where the moon speaks and threads of destiny are woven.

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Al Wasl Opera

Showcasing Al Wasl Opera, the enchanting musical tale of the UAE as a connector between civilisations, bringing to life the nation’s innovative spirit.

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Christmas Magic

A festive, seasonal show that brings the spirit of Christmas to Al Wasl dome, transforming it into a winter wonderland.

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Christmas Nostalgia

Watch Al Wasl transform into an enchanting Christmas wonderland, showcasing the incredible things we've come to associate with this festive time.

Virtual Expo: Creating Accessibility and Legacy

Whether you are a gamer, looking for content or just curious to explore the Expo site, Virtual Expo has got you covered. The Virtual Expo experience has become the core of our connectedness and how accessibility came to have a whole other meaning.

Beyond Sound and Vision

Virtual Expo isn’t the first time a World Expo revolutionised how it was experienced by audiences. The first visual broadcast of a news event in history took place at the New York’s World’s Fair in 1939.