The Ecology of Dignity


It’s hard to imagine a world without food. Not just for our own basic survival, but also for the joy it brings to us in our daily lives. Food connects people across cultures, geographies and experiences and brings us closer together. Cherrie Atilano is an agriculture educator, farmer, and the founder and CEO of Agrea - a mission-driven farmer-first business launched in 2014 in the Philippines. Its mission is zero hunger, zero waste and zero insufficiency. And at the core of her vision is creating a system that dignifies and aims to eradicate poverty for farming and fishing families in the Philippines through capacity building and a farm school. During Food, Agriculture and Livelihoods week at Expo 2020 Dubai, Cherrie Atilano, founder and CEO of Agrea, discussed the importance of centering farmers as essential to the world around us, and of valuing their worth in society. This podcast is by Expo 2020 Dubai’s Programme for People and Planet, and produced by Kerning Cultures Network.

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